Introduction: SelfCAD 3D Cannon Modeling

In this tutorial we can learn basic selfcad command how to create 3d cannon fast and easy, check it out!!!

Step 1: Add Reference Image

- Click View > Reference Image

- Click add image ( in left toolbar), next you can search for cannon image

- After insert into drawing window, you also can change opacity of the image

Step 2: Sketching With 3D Sketch Tool

Click drawing and click 3d Sketch

You can use line, spline and arc command to create some sketch profile from reference image

At least we create 5 profile

Step 3: Creating 3D Tire

- We can use fill polygon and add thickness to create tire from circle and line object

- Select big circle > fill polygon > add thickness > delete top and bottom face > add thickness again

- Select small circle > fill polygon > add thickness

- Next select first circle and second circle, you can use follow path to create surface, then use add thickness to convert into 3d model

Step 4: Cannon Body

To create cannon body, we can use revolve command

Click profile > tools > revolve

Click revolve around edge, and select the edge (now it will be convert into 3d model)

Click ok to apply

Step 5: Combine All Model

You can use move and align tools to combine all model into one

Next we can join by using union tools

Step 6: Video Tutorial SelfCAD 3D Cannon

This is video tutorial selfcad how to create 3d cannon with some basic command