Introduction: SelfCAD 3D Pumpkin Tutorial

Today we can create simple 3d model pumpkin in selfcad with some basic command like sphere, extrusion and deform tools

Step 1: Creating Pumpkin Body

- Click 3d shapes > sphere

- Change sphere specification with radius 50, Horizontal segment 128, vertical segment 64, and arc 360

- Click ok to apply

Step 2: Copy Offset Sphere Model

- Select sphere > next click scale and change X axis into 75

- Click tools > copy offset

- Change position into Pivot and number of copy 9

- Click copy to apply

- You can select all object and click utilities and click merge objects. All object will be combine into one

Step 3: Creating Top Model

- First we need to scale object. Select object, click scale and we can scale in Y into 85

- We can create cube in the top of model. Click 3d shapes > cube, for specification set width, height, and depth into 10

- Click utilities > Align. Change gird into pumpkin body and change align into top

- We can use extrusion command with polygon selection, to extrude top face of cube

- Next you can bend and twist the object with deform tools

Step 4: Video Tutorial SelfCAD 3D Pumpkin

You can see video tutorial step by step in here