Introduction: SelfCAD 3D T Pipe Tutorial

Today we can learn how to create 3D T pipe in selfcad by using basi command

Step 1: Creating 2 Cylinder Object

- You can create 2 cylinder object by drag and drop into drawing window

- Next you can rotate one cylinder object into vertical and move to center of the other cylinder

- You can use scale tools to scale vertical cylinder

Step 2: Make Hole

- First we need to combine all object by using union command

- After it you can use polygon options to select 3 face of the object, and then delete it

- Finally we can use add thickness to make object into 3d solid

Step 3: Creating Cylinder

- In this steps we can create cylinder object again

- Next you can select top and bottom of cylinder, after it we can use add thickness to convert into 3d solid

- Use move tools to move cylinder object into every face T Pipe

Step 4: Video Tutorial SelfCAD 3D T Pipe

Watch video tutorial how to create 3d T Pipe with selfcad