Introduction: SelfCAD Box Assembly Animation

This tutorial is show you how to create box assembly animation in selfcad by using animation tools

Step 1: Creating Six Rectangle Objects

- First you can drop and drag cube object into drawing area

- Next use scale tools to change scale cube object into thin

- You can copy the object and then use rotate tools to rotate

Step 2: Combine All Rectangle

After we create six rectangle object, you can use move or align tools to combine all into box

You also can move assembly box to the top, and then we can start to create animation

Step 3: Create Animation

First you can move every box object into specify axis like 100 point

Next click animation tab and start recording

Use move tools to assembly every box object with 100 point until its complete assembly

And then you can stop recording

Step 4: Editing Animation

In this steps you can editing timeline of animation object by choose the fist animation, next animation until finish

You can slide timeline by click and hold

Step 5: Video Tutorial SelfCAD Box Assembly Animation

See our video tutorial about selfcad how to create box assembly animation with some easy steps