Introduction: Setting Up Linkit ONE

Hello everyone......... Just now received Linkit ONE board from seeed studio and struggled a lot to connect with computer i.e Arduino IDE..... so this instructable is about how to setup Linkit ONE board.......

Step 1: All Download Stuffs.........

1) Download Arduino 1.5.7 from the below link

Arduino 1.5.7

Note: if u are having other versions of arduino please uninstall it first and install this one.....because I struggled a lot with other versions and Linkit ONE also supports arduino 1.5.7 version only..

2) Download the LinkIt ONE SDK (for Arduino) is a plug-in for Arduino IDE from below link
Linkit one sdk

3) Download Linkit ONE drivers from below link

Step 2: Updating Firmware

now its time to update firmware

connect Linkit ONE to USB port and change positions of the switches as shown in image.
Before starting the firmware update, make sure the slide switches are in proper position ( MS/UART should be in MS position. USB/BAT in USB position) as shown in the image.

open Firmware Updater.exe from below location on your computer
C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\ArduinoSetup\hardware\tools\mtk (replace user name with your admin name)

Step 3: Time to Program

now open Arduino IDE and select Tools-->Board-->Linkit ONE

confirm the COM port from device manager and make changes in Tools-->Port-->COM 4 (mine is connected to COM 4)

Open File -> Examples -> Basics -> Blink

compile and upload.............!!!!!!!!!!

LED marked L should blink.....

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