Introduction: Seven

This project is a mix och used wood, 3d-printing, instagram and some old school religion.

The idea was to let people at an outside bar send me pictures of their interpretations of the seven sins and the seven virtues on instagram. I would then choose an image for each sin/virtue and 3d-print it as a lithopane. Over a couple of weeks the piece was populated with the lithopanes until there was a full collection of sins and virtues.

I made a box by gluing old boards together and then cutting holes in the board where the 3d prints went

I started out with individual lights for each lithopane but ended up using ledstrips instead.

Step 1: The Build

Building was fairly straight forward, I used wood that had been used as a fence an my cottage and used biscuit joiners to make it to a board.

After a painfully slow process of cutting square holes with a multicutter the 3d-prints were inserted.

Step 2: The 3-d Prints

Each sin/virtue was printed in Swedish and Latin and the image connected to it was placed below.

Step 3: Final Result

The piece was places at Trädgården bar and nightclub in Stockholm Sweden.

Reclaimed Wood Contest 2016

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Reclaimed Wood Contest 2016