Introduction: Sew Easy Pouch/Wallet

This is such a fun sewing project for beginners it helps you practice on something simple so you can sew so many other things.

Step 1: Things You Need

Items that you need for this project are...

  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • You may need a ruler and a marker to size your fabric
  • 4 pieces of fabric that are 7 in by 4 in
  • 6.5 zipper
  • Sewing Machine

Step 2: Lay Out Your Pieces

Put your first piece of fabric down on the floor right side up only if it is printed if it not printed either side works. Put the zipper over your piece of fabric and make sure it s zipped up all the way then put a second piece of fabric over the zipper printed side down. And make sure it is lined up with top of the zipper and then pin it.

Step 3: Start Sewing

Sew along the side that you pined when you are close to the end move the zipper so that it is in the middle were you have already sewed.

Step 4: What It Now Should Look Like

You are now halfway done!

Step 5: Layout the Other Side

Lay the other side just like you did with the one before one goes on the bottom right side up the the zipper and then the other piece of fabric pattern face down. Then pin it.

Step 6: Sew the Other Side

Sew it the same way as you did before with the other side.

Step 7: What It Should Look Like

Both sides should look similar.

Step 8: Sew the Bottom

Sew the bottom of the pouch and don´t forget to pin it.

Step 9: Time to Sew the Sides

Sew both sides all the way up you are going to get really close to the zipper so take it slow. Make sure the sipper is unzipped half way.

Step 10: Final Step

Turn it so that it is no longer inside out and your project it done you can use it as a wallet, a makeup bag, pencil pouch whatever you want.

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