Introduction: Sewing Fluffy Stuffed Animal ; )

in this tutorial you will learn how to sow a stuffed and fluffy penguin

Step 1: The Materials

For this activity and arts and craft you will need the following:

  • Blue felt (30cm2)
  • White felt (30cm2)
  • scissors (they must be sharp)
  • A needle to sow with
  • Thread to sew with
  • cotton (to stuff the penguin with)

Step 2: Make Two Oval+rectangle Shaped Felts

cut out two of the same blue felts that look similar to the ones on the picture above. Make them the height of the distance between the side of your index finger to the side of your pinky.

Step 3: Two Semi Circle Felts

to create the head of the penguin you will need to cut out two blue felt semi-circle about one quarter of the total size.

Step 4: Two White Felts

now make two white felts that will need to be the same size as the previous semi-circle shape you just cut out

Step 5: The Head

now you want to cut out the shape of the head of a penguin and place it on your white felt to make it look like a penguin face, you may make eyes if you feel like you want to

Step 6: Sowing Step

now you want to sow the two biggest blue felts together to create the body of the penguin and remember to leave a hole at the rear. Now once you have done that you want to stuff it with cotton and then sew it close.

Step 7: Sowing the Head

now you want to sow the two felts you placed on each other about two steps ago. Sow these felts exactly on the top and align it with the edge of the body to make sure it looks good