Introduction: Sewing Together a Cozy Dog Bed

This provides instructions on how to make your own cozy dog bed for a small dog or puppy. These are the items you will need:

Fabric (about a yard and a half, depending on how big the pillow is).
Large pillow
Translucent tape (to help hold sides together while sewing).
Measuring tape

Step 1: Buy Your Fabric

Buy your fabric. Fabric is usually purchased by the yard or a fraction. The pillow used for this project was a Serta memory foam pillow. Because of the size of the pillow, it may require more fabric than the pillow you might use.

You will first make a pillow case then sew a top onto it to keep the dog cozy.

Step 2: Measure Twice. Cut Once.

Now is the time to cut your fabric. Check your measurements again and cut your fabric with 5 inches worth of give on either side of the pillow you are using (10 inches in total for the pillow used in this project). Use a few pieces of transparent tape to hold the sides together and remove each portion once you get to that part while sewing.

Use a double thread knot for this project. In short, thread the eye of the needle and tie each end of the thread into a knot at the very end.

Step 3: Turn Right Side Out and Sew Cover

Once you have sewn together your pillow case, turn it right side out. With the remaining cloth, measure out enough to cover the top of the pillow cover loosely. Sew the remaining fabric so that one lengthwise side is exposed. This is where your small dog or puppy will enter the bed.

Step 4: Stuff the Cover With Your Choice of Pillow

Stuff in the pillow. Your canine can now choose to cozy up by crawling in or lay on top of the bed.
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