DIY Zipper Tabs



Introduction: DIY Zipper Tabs

Sewing zipper tabs onto your zippers is a great way to add more color to your sewing projects as well as to hide potentially fraying ends. These are super easy to make and a great scrap fabric project.

Step 1: BoM

Sewing machine

Thread, scissors, ruler, pins, tape

Fabric scraps


Step 2: Prep

Iron a couple of fabric pieces, just because it's easier to work with fabric that isn't all wrinkly. You want to use fabric that is at least big enough to fold around the ends of your zipper.

For each zipper you need two square/rectangle pieces. I cut mine between 1.5x2". Cut the pieces, fold them lengthwise, and iron flat. Then open the piece, fold each side in half again and iron.

Step 3: The Ends

Trim the end of the zipper right to where the metal stopper bar is. Leave maybe a 1/8" of an inch. Slip one folded fabric piece over the bottom end and pin in place.

On the other end, lower the zipper and pin the zipper tape (sides) so they stay secure. Trim excess zipper fabric and then slip the other fabric piece over ends and secure in place with pins.

Step 4: Sew

Top stitch across the edge of the folds, make sure to watch out for the metal bar. Usually one row of stitches is enough but I often do two or more. You could also do a decorative stitch if you wanted.

Step 5: Trim

I tend to leave the excess fabric and thread until I'm ready to use a zipper, it's just easier to cut the fabric later and not get myself stuck in a corner with too little seam. But you'll eventually want to secure the loose threads and trim everything nice and neat.

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