Introduction: Sewless Canvas Envelope Clutch

This is my first Instruct able, so bear with me...
The other day I was forced to buy more canvas than necessary for my art class. I do not wish to stretch it and paint on it, so I did what any sensible DIY fan would do, and made a Nice Fashionable Bag out of it.
This seemed like something I could do without sewing, and I was lazy, so here is what i used:

Cloth (in this case, canvas)
Hot glue/Glue gun
X-acto Knife
Blank envelope (for design purposes)

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Step 1: Drawing and Cutting

First, use the blank envelope to draw out the design you want on the cloth (in the pictures the design is smaller, because I'd already made a large one and didn't want to use the rest of my canvas to make another).
While you are cutting, leave a small bit of extra cloth to fold in later, that way you can have nice clean edge.

Step 2: Fold and Glue

Ok, so you have the basic shape. Now what you do is you fold the edges in while gluing them. On the side flaps, fold the top edge and glue it since those will be the flaps that will be seen. On the bottom flap fold both sides*

Note: If you are making a full size envelope when you fold the bottom edges you will have a corner that will stick out, later you will cut and fold it in, so that it fits nicely.

Once you have done the edges, you will fold in the two sides first, and glue them. Once you have glued them you will fold the bottom flap up and glue it against the other two.*

Tip: glue only the edges all the way up to the top. Later, when you are adding a bead (to use as a clasp) you can use the empty pocket created by gluing only the edges to string cloth through, and hold it in place.

Last but not least (cliche cliche~) glue the edges of the top together so that they look nice and smooth, and make sure it folds nicely over the bottom of your envelope.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

-If you want, you can make a clasp out of a bead and a hole in the top flap. Cut two small holed in the bottom part and string a bit of cloth or string trough them, attach a  bead to it, thus making a clasp.
-You can also make a small inner pocket  by gluing two bits of cloth and putting it inside the envelope.
-The other thing is you can cut out a small bit of canvas and make a stamp to glue on the front of your envelope.

And there you have it!  It can be a purse, wallet, glasses case, whatever you desire....