Sexy Pencil Skirt!

Introduction: Sexy Pencil Skirt!

About: Im a amatuer sewer, im still learning! I love to take old clothes and make them new again by cutting and tearing and ripping and resewing! I love to play with makeup and i can cook anything! If i could go hiki…

I made this skirt a little while back, first time ever actually making a garment and i must say it turned out pretty cool. I used a mid-weight black stretch cotton and theres red contrast stitching around the zippers and bottom hem. Theres 2 zippers, one at the top/back and one at the bottom/back so you can adjust the "hobble'. it has a wider waistband and is made to sit higher on the waist. Its equivelant to a womens size 0-2 pant and is currently for sale, so let me know if your interested!

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