Introduction: Shadowbox City EMS

We wanted to use the Instructables Cardboard Speed Challenge to solve a need and want. Our family needed a charging station for a couple of tablets. We also wanted to express our appreciation for the medical professionals who are risking their health to help others fight the current pandemic. Our home city has been decorating porches with lights in appreciation and solidarity. We wanted this craft to light up in our porch window.


Cardboard Box



Razor Knife

Electronic Light Wire

USB Charger

Packing Tape

Paint (Brushes, Water, Rags)

Step 1: Sketch

We wanted to pick a shape for our shadowbox that would be recognizable. You don't want too much detail for a shadowbox.

Step 2: Transfer and Cut Design

We transferred the design to the cardboard box and carefully cut with a razor knife. At this point we decided to use the large cutout space to make building silhouettes that we taped the shapes to the top of the box.

Step 3: Light

Our first thought was to have the LED lights from the charging device sit inside the box and light it. Which it does. But, we also wanted to add some electrical light wire that the Easter Bunny left. We decided to let the light wire trace the shape in the cutout.

Step 4: Shelf for Device

Inside the shadowbox we taped a box as storage for unused plugs and a shelf for charging devices. We also cut a hole for charging plug to run.

Step 5: Paint

We added a basic paint job to make the ambulance pop.

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