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Hi everyone!
This instructables is gonna show you step by step how to sew this "Shark Backpack"
.It is gr8 for kids and is a great extra bag, to carry your water around ,if you make it smaller with no stripes it can hold color pencils ,or you may as well make it bigger and store bigger things inside,perhaps books,towel,you named!
Out of this instructables you also should be able to make the same shark with no stripes and have it as a cosmetic bag,for the summer,also stuffed it would make a cute comfy pillow for your sofa or car ...let your creativity out,explore and love it!
I'v been living in small Caribbean island for some time now,not that i'm complaining but is really hard to get tools,supplies,even fabric for my bags i always purchase white canvas and domestic fabric and then i'm dyeing them my self,(as you learn in my Beach Bag instructables)there is always plenty of colored fabric around so i use it in times of need,mostly every day!

Let us start with our project!
Mark said go!

Step 1: Sketch & Pattern

Alaways take time to think and understand the project you are about to make ,so sketch,write, and think how you gonna do it before you start...preparation is half of the work.I sketch my pattern, so i know what i need next.Roughly and then more precisely !

Step 2: Preparation

Gather supplies

Fabric (2 colors) i used 50x50 cm x 2 peacis of fabric + same 50x50cmx2 for lining in desired color
Pins(I keep my pins in a bar of soap that i made,it makes such a difference,they go trough fabric so much more easy)
Measuring tape
Zipper-43 cm
Rope-or some sort of stripe that you made your self (89cm)
Sewing Machine
Plate(to help you with rounded part of pattern)

Cut out your pattern peaces!
These bag was made from starch,so i was crafting pattern out of fabric,it is smart if you safe this pattern now once forever,so you can just produce easyli next time you are rushing to a child's birthday or just want to surprise somebody! 

Measure and draw on  your fabric just like seen in pattern with same 40 cm length,33 cm the widest part ,and 20 cm bottom part which you gonna cut in half(10x10cm) latter when you prepare everything,this is where you gonna insert your finn!
Draw just half of the top rounded part,then fold it and cut out!
This is your fabric and lining!One of the peaces you gonna cut half as said before!
Make your finn's now ,11cm straight with a curve (so individual)

Step 3: Sewing

First sew finn's !
Sew them around the edges and clip so they look neater when you turn them around.
Top stich them with your favorite stich or use my zig zag option!
Now take your 2 top peaces right sides together and insert finn,pin and sew along, and secure them by sewing along both sides one more time with desired stich.
Now sew tale!
Once you have all the peaces together now is good time to  add the tag,for which i gave "how to" in my previous instructables,so sew this on now!
Also a perfect time to add eyes if you want,it could be buttons or just embroider them !
You are now ready to do the zipper!
let's go

Step 4: Zipper

Important is you lay down your lining then zipper facing up to you and on the top of it, place your fabric face down,sew along one side of zipper,do exact same for the other lining and fabric with zipper in between.Top stich on the outside so the zipper wouldn't get stuck!
My zipper for this project is 43 cm long!

Step 5: Finishing the Shark

The only thing left to attach is side finn's and rope stripes(89cm)
Open up your shark match the lining right sides together,and also match fabric right sides together pin in the zipper area and then insert the finn's and also a rope stripes pin all around living the bottom of the lining open.This is where you gonna turn your bag around.
Sew all around except this lining bottom!
Be very careful around zipper area this is where needles brake easily if you dont handle slowly with care.i'm pretty sure next time i'll be making shark i will make endings for the zipper just like i did in my Beach Tote Bag,also i would stich the tale with a hidden hem on the outside gonna be easier to sew and it will look more neat.We are learning all the time trough practice,don't we?
so when you sew it all around,now turn your shark backpack right sides out trough the open lining bottom.
Voila ,stich close open part and fix it all in side of the backpack!

Step 6: Finished Product

This is it,rock this Shark BackPack,i'm sure everyone will love it,is to cute anyhow!
Have a nice day and fun making this project!
One Love!
"La Isla Bonita"

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