Introduction: Shed Build

This is actually a potting shed (believe it or not) i built about 2 years ago so i don,t have that many pictures but it will give you a rough idea of the build.

Step 1: Base

First i used a string line to set the base size out on the tarmac and then built the shuttering for the concrete and laid some reinforcing mesh on to blocks at a depth about 3 inches but i did not take any pics.we ordered 8 cubic metres of ready mixed concrete and poured the base in one whole go. Once the concrete had set for a couple of days i removed the shuttering ready for the shed walls to go up.

Step 2: Stud Work

This is a pic of half the length of the shed.It was built with 4"x2" (cls) canadian lumber standard with the studs on 400mm centers a single soul plate and a double head.The front will have windows in made from 1"x6" tanalised timber and glazed with 4mm glass for cheapness.At some point the guy who i built it for changed his mind about how many window he was having and i had to change it.The walls were sat on 100mm dpc (damp proof course).

Step 3: Braces

Supports were screwed to the frame to brace it while the rest of the walls were constructed.Also helps to have a mate to give you a hand.

Step 4: Simon

Hey Simon stop posing and get some work done lol.

Step 5: Timberrrrrrrr

At this point the shed walls were just about complete.

Step 6: Framed

I added some 12mm wbp (water or weather and boil proof) ply to the sides to stiffen up the walls ans started to make the frames for the windows using 1"x6" tanalised rough sawn timber.

Step 7: Windows

The window frames are in.

Step 8: Roof

The roof was made using 6"x2" framing timber with 400mm centers and noggins added to stiffen it up and maintain centers.This was later boarded with 18mm tongue and grooved osb (oscillated strand board) and then fibre glassed.

Step 9: Taking Shape

This is a pic before the roof was fibre glassed and was given 2 coats of green fence paint.

Step 10: Nooooooooooo

Well i thought i was almost finished at this point then someone had the bright idea of insulating the full shed to which i told the guy "i wish you told at the start of the build as i would have added a waterproof breathable membrane before i put the ply on" lol.At this point the shed it water tight and i could work inside out of the rain.

Step 11: Insulation

The roos was insulated with 100mm kingspan foil backed insulation and the walls with 100mm rockwool insulation then boarded with 10mm osb.

Step 12: Boards

The roof was also boarded with 10mm osb.

Step 13: Moremaords

The walls were finished and then the rest of the shed was boarded.

Step 14: Door

The door was placed at the end of the shed.It was a sliding door 8 foot high and just over 7 foot wide with a wicket side door that opened out.

Step 15:

This is the view of the door from the outside when fully opened

Step 16:

door slid shut and wicket door open

Step 17: Inside

The inside was painted with 2 coats of white and a long work surface added and some spare floor tiles stuck to the wall to keep it clean.

Step 18: Finished

The floor was given 2 coats of paint and it was complete.Sorry i have no pictures of the full shed from the outside.