Introduction: Shelf Liner Baby Bib

Say goodbye to mealtime messes with this DIY bib! Unsnaps and wipes down oh so easily! I have used this bib for all six of my babies and have gifted many more. All you need is 18 inches of shelf liner, snap fasteners, and my printable pattern.

Step 1: Trace and Cut

Print off both the top and bottom portions of the pattern. Tape together.

Place the pattern behind the shelf liner and trace using a Sharpie marker.

Cut along your Sharpie line. This bib is beautifully adjustable, so if you later find that your little one needs a larger neck opening, just cut a bit more off.

Step 2: Add Snaps

This can be done either with snap pliers or with other simpler snap fasterner tools. (If you need help with installing your snaps, do a quick YouTube search for DIY tips.)

Pay careful attention to what direction your snaps are facing! The third image in this step shows that the top two snaps are sockets (they will receive a stud when it's all snapped together). The next snap is a stud. And the bottom snap is also a stud, but it is facing the back of the bib.

Add a socket and stud to the top tabs as well, where the bib will snap around the child's neck. You can add an extra snap there if you like, for greater adjustability.

Step 3: Snap Together!

You're all done! Now just snap together to form a crumb-catching pocket at the bottom.

Step 4: Wear With Pride

This bib is great for kids 6 months up to 3 years. It may look big, but it's the length that allows the pocket to sit below the high chair tray and catch every crumb.