Introduction: Shift: an Adaptive Magazine Rifle

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Well here it is! Shift is one of my best concept knex guns. It's built off of the idea that you can shoot whatever you have available, whether it be yellow rods or smaller blue rods. This gun would be awesome for a war but, unfortunately it is a little slow to use, so for a knex war it needs a better rate of fire configuration. Overall it's a great rifle with at least 40ft of range. It's also my first gun made to hold as many bands as you can fit.

Now as you can see I included some internal pics(like the Red Book does...), but I know for some that's not enough. Like what you see but need more pictures? Send me a comment. The large size of this gun was a little out of my element, and a little more of a chore to document completely. So if you want more pics please tell me soon while I still have it.
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JonnyBGood------------ Note: I made this ible' on the instructibles app so the internal pics are posted reverse of my intended order. So all pictures after my 22nd picture are posted in reverse order. Sorry about that.

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