Introduction: Shiny and Expensive Looking Chandelier

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I love things that shine, specially those that look expensive and elegant. I've been wanting a chandelier for my room for years so I decided to make one with very shiny crystal beads. It's super easy to make and looks aah-mazing!

Step 1: Materials

Hot pot stand

Medium size chain (around 50 inches)

Jewelry wire (the kind that has a plastic finish and the wire goes inside of it)

Thin and flexible jewelry wire.

Crystal beads (the shinier the better)

Jewelry pliers

Step 2: Chain

Cut two pieces of chain the same size according to how much you want your lamp to hang from the ceiling. My chains were 23 inches long each. Use your pliers to secure them to your hot pot stand crossing the chains like an X.

Step 3: First Bead

Cut a long piece of the plastified wire. Insert a crystal and pass the wire through the hole twice. Pull the wire with your pliers very hard so it stays secured and doesn't move.

Step 4: More Crystals

Put 44 more beads in your wire (you'll have 45 beads in each wire). With the last piece you're going to do the same as you did with the first one but this time you have to leave the last bead half an inch looser to make the crystals have some extra wire. Pull hard with the pliers to secure the bead.

Make 18 of this strings with the same size and same amount of crystals.

Step 5: Attach to Hot Pot Stand

Cut a piece of around 2 inches of the jewelry wire.

We're going to be working in the first and second ring of the hot pot stand. Pass your string over the first and second ring and after the second ring put it down the hot pot stand. You must have 14 crystals in front of the first ring, two between the first and second ring and the rest behind and down the second ring.

Secure your string with the piece of wire we previously cut, just pass it under the ring and twist it holding the ring and the string of crystals. Use your pliers to twist and cut the ends of the wire.

Repeat this with all of your 18 strings.

Step 6: Ready!

Can you see how much it sparkles? Can you think of a place in your home that would look great with this?

Get crafty and make it!

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