Introduction: DIY Shishi Odoshi

I really like my mini pond. Pigeons like it too so I thought a Shishi Odoshi (Japanese for "scaredeer") could be a great solution to keep them away. In addition, it looks great.

You need

  • 2 meter/6.5ft of bamboo (around 5cm/2inch thick)
  • a small solar pump (you can get it here)
  • silicone hose for the pump
  • pivot rod
  • strong glue (e.g. UHU Kraft)

By the way, there is a previous instructable of mine on how to build a mini pond.

Step 1: Cut the Bamboo

First you need to cut the bamboo. I used a Japanese saw which made it easy. You need to cut

  • 2 legs with the same length, the top is cut with a 45 degree angle
  • 1 center tube with one end cut with a 45 degree angle; the node of the bamboo needs to be close to the middle of the tube to hold the water; it also needs to be slightly more next to the outlet as we will later on drill holes for the pivot rod
  • 1 crosspiece, both ends are cut with a 45 degree angle; it should be slightly longer than both legs and the center tube

Step 2: Insert the Center Tube

Next you need to insert the center tube using a pivot rod

  • Drill a hole trough the center piece, it should be slightly off the middle in order to fill up with water before it tilts; make sure you do not drill trough the node of the bamboo, as it will hold the water
  • Drill a hole in each leg to insert the pivot rod
  • Finally test if the center piece will turn freely

Step 3: Add the Silicone Hose

Now you need to prepare the water supply

  • Drill a hole on the bottom of one leg to insert the silicone hose; I used that side of the leg which faces towards the wall.
  • Insert the silicone hose and pull it to the top
  • Drill a hole in the middle of the crosspiece; insert the hose and push it through the hole;
  • Now you can finish the frame and glue the legs and the crosspiece together. I have used UHU Kraft.
  • The hose ends in a water spout, I have used bamboo to cover the hose;

Step 4: Install You Shishi Odoshi

  • Fix the frame to your mini pond;
  • Install the solar water pump in your pond. Cover the hose with plants and stones; Connect to the hose of the Shishi Odoshi;
  • When the sun is shining, water should flow through the hose over the water spout into the centerpiece; after filling up, it should tilt.
  • Tip: you can add weigth at the end of the centerpiece to control how much water is needed before tilting.

You are finished! Enjoy your beautiful mini pond with a Shishi Odoshi!

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