Introduction: Shoe Box Picture Frame

Want to make a quick easy frame for your art? Follow the following easy steps to make a great picture frame that can be displayed for all to see.

Step 1: Your Materials

  1. Shoe box: bigger the better
  2. tape: scotch tape works fine
  3. Newspaper: find stories in the paper meaningful or inspirational
  4. Knife or scissors: to cut out the lid
  5. Ribbon: for decoration

Step 2: Cut a Hole Out of Lid

Decide a good width on all sides of the top of lid of the shoe box.

With your cutting utensil start cutting vertically, starting in a slow downward movement to keep the lines straight. Then pick up your cutting instrument and start to cut the bottom line that is horizontal away from yourself, overlapping your previous vertical cut from before. Always cut downwards towards the bottom of the box to avoid any dangers. When finished with all four of your cuts push the cutout out so you have a window into the box.

WARNING: be careful if using the knife, keep your other hand away from the path of cutting.

Step 3: Bottom Newspaper:

Take your shoe box apart and put the lid to the side. With the bottom part of the shoe box take some newspaper and begin to line the sides of the box with the newspaper. Alternate sides one at a time to keep the box looking clean and neat. Tape the edge of the one piece of the news paper 1-3 times, pull the other end of the newspaper down and then tape that edge again 1-3 times. Then tape the side edges that are flaring out.

Step 4: Newspaper Lid:

With the bottom of the shoe box covered in newspaper take the lid now in front of you. Use the edge pieces of the newspaper using only half of one side of the newspaper, align the flat edge to cut outs and tape down. Pull the piece down and then under the lid then taping down with about 2 pieces of tape. Continue along all the edges of the lid, trying to cover all of the lid of the shoe box.

SIDE NOTE: don't worry if some parts of the lid are not covered it will be covered in the next step.

Step 5: Ribbon

With the few uncovered parts of the lid take the ribbon tapping the end of the ribbon to a corner then pull the ribbon around the edge taping it around the corners to keep it locked and secured in place.

Step 6: Artwork

Take any art work that you feel would fit the frame appropriately and place in the bottom of the box. Tape the edges around, one piece per side. If your box is not as big as the box show above cut the edges of the artwork to fit the box, or on the computer resize the image to your specific measurements.

Step 7: Inspirational Writing

If there is some empty space between the artwork and the box use the space to write inspirational words or sentences. Also with the edges between the newspaper and the box that is uncovered can be used for writing as well.

Step 8: Ready to Present:

When you are pleased with the finished project the frame is ready to sit on a desk, nightstand, or any table you wish to use. Can be used laid down or on it's side, whichever you wish to use, because the frame can be used either way. ENJOY!!!!!