Introduction: Shoe Shark

I have a pair of favorite boots. Sort of blueish grey. Not flashy, but not boring either. Casual, with non polished leather. I love them. Wear them all winter long. Multiple winters. With shoelaces ánd a zipper. Very nice to get in and to get out. The best boots ever!

Now a few months ago the zipper got stuck. Close inspection told me: Some teeth were damaged. But if tried very carefully the zipper still worked... Now a few days go I came home with wet feet. The rain was unbearable. All day. I took of my shoes and discovered a tear in the leather. Just along the sole. The shoedoctor frowned and told me the bad news. No repair possible. They were finished. Gone. Ready for the bin. Trash.

But one of my treasured boots is now gone from trash to treasure. My Shoe Shark !

This is what I used:

  • Knife,
  • strong all purpose scissors,
  • normal scissors,
  • contact glue,
  • clamps,
  • glass eyes,
  • drill
  • piece of wire
  • branches,
  • piece of wood

Step 1: Demolition

With a knife a separated the top leather from the sole. Removed the laces and turned the shoe inside out to cut away as much as I could the lining. I separated inner and outer sole.

Step 2: Into Pieces

I cut the top leather into three pieces. The first cut is along the zipper. Then I cut the opposite side in the same place. Last cut is where most of the tongue is separated from the toe part. About 4 cm is left on the toe part.

Step 3: Shark Nose

I rounded the top of the shoe to create a shark fin. With some contact adhesive I glued the side of the fin together. The remaining part of the tongue is then glued to close the upper side of the body

Step 4: Shark Body

The heel of the shoe is cut in a trapezium shape. The small side should be about 6 cm. The tongue is made smaller on the lower side and open edges are glued. In my case the tongue was filled with foam which I had to tear out at the rim before I could glue..

Step 5: Dorsal Complete

The broad side of the trapezium-heel-piece is glued to the head of the shark (the toe-piece). The Tongue (tail) is glued to the small side of the trapezium-heel-piece. I had to cut away some more from the trapezium heel part, which was protruding in the middle of the fish.

Step 6: Sole Belly

I made the outer sole a lot narrower with a fretsaw. Lay the upper part of the shark on the sole and draw lines for the best measurement. Then I put contact glue around the edges and with pins I secured the top leather to the edge of the sole until the glue set.

Step 7: Jaw

The heel piece of the inner sole is perfect for jaw. I had to cut it a bit smaller and glued it upside down under the belly of the shark. Don't put the jaw to near to the nose. The mouth is a bit further backwards. This is, together with the dorsal fin what makes a shark. To give the face more definition I glued on two glass eyes I found in a box with beads and buttons.

Step 8: Display

I drilled some holes in a left over piece of wood and placed branches in the holes. The shark rests on horizontal pieces of wire stuck in tiny holes in three branches.

Beware now, next time you open your shoe cabinet, sharks may be on the prowl.

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