Introduction: Shoot With WILL .

  • Shoot with WILL is a project that we made from cardboard from recycled materials. Imagine this, you are being bored, you want to be free from boredom and while TIME is our greatest challenge we want to have FUN and achieve something. Shoot with WILL we can fulfill these i;e FUN and precision (if we try harder :) Building Shoot with WILL is a good way to achieve productivity with a few easy steps.


2 long rectangular pieces of card board (29x9 cm in particular) or any length in general

2 Medium pieces of card board(19x9 cm in particular) or any length in general

1 small rectangular piece of cardboard(8x3.5 cm in particular)


1 piece of card board cut it in 2 big rectangles ,2 medium rectangles n 1 small rectangle

3 rubber bands

1 binder clip

General items


sharp scissor/box cutter

1 scale

Optional:( long pencil for bullet/ extra cardboard to make bullet)

Step 1: Structure Building

For this we divide this into 3 main parts

1.Structure building-------->2.Assembling---------->3.Aiming

Cut the cardboard into 5 rectangles if not cut before.


Take 2 rectangular pieces 1 big and 1 medium

Divide the width of both rectangle into 4 sections

( all can be equal or 2 equal but alternate sections) or (just fold it into a long cuboid cut the extra )

Fold it along the lines to form a long cuboid .

Tape the edges to hold it in place.(Make sure to loop a tape on the edges )

Step 2:

Put the medium cuboid on the bigger cuboid near the end.

Draw the outline with a pencil.

Cut the hole from both sides.
(First punch it with a cutter or scissor then cut it.)

Step 3: Make It Sturdy

To make this sturdy

Roll the remaining card boards length wise.

(for the big cuboid we need to cut the lenght of the other big rectangle and then roll)i

Tape the rolled card boards to avoid unrolling or breaking the cuboids

Insert it into both the cuboids.

Leaving the hole part empty.

( We can also use newspaper for stuffing)

Step 4: Assembling

Insert the medium cuboid into the larger cuboid through the hole.

Adjust it in the middle.

Step 5: Adjusting

Make small horizontal cuts on the three ends of the crossbow ,small enough to just fit the rubber band into position.

Step 6: Final Touch

Fold a small rectangular piece into a cube n tape it near the cross section.

Attach the binder clip at the tail of the crossbow.

( Pull the rubber band and attach it with the binder clip)

Step 7: Shoot With WILL



Shoot with WILL




Press the binder clip.

Test the range of your Shoot with Will.
Increase the range by using two rubber bands together.

(Put the cross bow in a slightly upward position.

Have FUN

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