Introduction: Shop Tools: Filament Spool Dispenser. I Made It in TechShop.


          This project is the easiest of all.  The parts are made from wooden scraps at TechShop Wood Shop Scrap Box.   I use 10 metal wooden screw to join the pieces together.  

Tools Used:

* Scrap Woods.

* Chop Saw:  Cut the pieces to proper sizes.

* Wood Band Saw: Round the corners.  I cut radial (outside the circle) and then the circle perimeters to remove pieces in small parts.

* Wood Sander: Smooth out the round corners.  I also used it to clean up the dirty spots 'surfaces polish' all sides and edges.

* Vertical Drill:  I choose drill bit size 1/2 size smaller than the screw diameter near the head.

* Cordless Screwdriver, screw driver bit and countersink bit..   Use counter sink (especially for the bottom screw) to pervent metal screw from scratching table surface.

       I added a spool adapter from 3/4-inch shaft to 2-inch shaft.  I designed it on Autodesk Inventor and printed on MakerBot 3D Printer.

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