Introduction: Shopping Bag VHS Tape Upcycled

Making a bag out of recycled material - the outcome is very cool and yet very strong in its crochet texture!

Step 1: 1. Find Some Old VHS' and Take Out the Tape of the Casette

I've used a hammer to knock the front of the VHS, to get to the actual tape

Step 2: 2. Then Crochet the Tape Exactly How You Like It

it's possible to Nit it too :)

Step 3: And Voila - You Have Yourself a Really Cool New Shopping Bag Upcycled!

this one i put next to a bunch of egg to show the size of it

Step 4: The Amazing Thing About This Finished, Is That It in Its Structure Is Exstremely Strong!

and it looks all glittery too :D

Step 5: