Introduction: Shotgun Shell "Wallet"

Take a shotgun shell and turn it into a hardcore money holder! Flippin' sweet!

DISCLAIMER: NEVER fire any gun without the proper ear and eye protection, and ALWAYS practice proper firearm safety. I am providing these instructions as a fun project, and I am not responsible for any injuries or broken laws that are a result of my instructions.

Step 1: Get a Shotgun Shell

You can do this step in many ways:

Go to a range, and either fire a shotgun or collect the shells from someone else.

Fire your own shotgun, keep the shells.

Ask a friend for any shells they may have.

Step 2: Getcho Bank, Sonn

Get all the cash you want to put in the wallet.

Step 3: Prepare to Roll

Line up your cash and put pen, pencil or other similarly shaped object, and put it on the far end of your stack of money.

Step 4: ROLL!

Roll your cash around the pen. If it's a little messy, don't worry. That'll be fixed in the next step.

Step 5: Tighten the Roll.

Take your right thumb and index finger, and put them on the ends of the roll.

Take your left thumb and at least two fingers and put them on opposite sides of your roll.

Bring your hands together, relax one hand, and put them back to their original position. Repeat until you've reached your desired thickness.

Step 6: Put It In!

Self explanatory. I think all of you are capable to do this without further instruction :)

Step 7: Awesome!

You're done! Feel free to tell teach your friends how to make this, and this wallet should hold up for years to come.

WARNING: Please don't go through airport security with this, and don't try to buy a gun using this wallet. The owner of the store could mistake it for live ammo and it could turn ugly for you.