Shuck This Fit, Aka Jí Bá Māo

Introduction: Shuck This Fit, Aka Jí Bá Māo

A figurine that potentially provides you a little additional motivation much needed in situations when you can take it no more.

Step 1: Grab the Internet Meme That Cracks You Up

Nice ideas are helpful in keeping you persevered throughout the creation process. The ones with Ailuropoda melanoleuca should be a good start.

Step 2: Armature and Posing

In ZBrush, use ZSpheres to create an armature for the panda.

Step 3: Bamboo Fences and Base

Design for this raging Jí Bá Māo an exotic hurdle, as well as a Bagua octagonal base.

Step 4: Head Block-in

Put in some landmarks for facial features.

Step 5: Hand Gestures

His/her fury should be visible down every knuckles.

Step 6: Weight and Balance

Place the foot so that not only the gesture looks right but also the 3d printed pieces will hold up.

Step 7: Head Details and Facial Expressions

Build up its cute yet determined character as you go.

Step 8: Bamboo Branch Details

Put in the ridges along the bamboo shafts, as well as the connections between the horizontal bar and the vertical ones. Also sprinkle some baby branches.

Step 9: Polypainting

To visualize the gesture better.

Step 10: Prepare for 3d Printing by Hollowing and Decimating

Convert the model to Dynamesh, then use insertCylinders to hollow it. Next, use Decimation Master to lower the polycount.

Step 11: Send for 3d Printing

Export and submit the .STL file for any 3d printing service.

Step 12: Paint With Watercolour

Here is the procedure to finish Shuck This Fit if you have more time

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    great figurine! You make the modeling seem so easy haha, great project!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, this is some impressive modeling! Nicely done, I'd love to have this sculpture on my desk! :)