Sign-up Board Marker Holder

Introduction: Sign-up Board Marker Holder

Have an erasable sign-up board? Make a handy holder for your marker!

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need the following:

  • Plastic wrap (to keep your working surface clean, and to wrap the marker with)
  • 2 packets of Sugru
  • A dry-erase marker
  • Your sign-up sign or sign holder

Step 2: Mix the Sugru

Mix both packets of Sugru together.

Step 3: Shape the Sugru

Wrap the marker with plastic wrap, so you can shape the Sugru to fit it without permanently adhering. Next, shape the Sugru into an oval. Then, press the marker a bout halfway into one end of the oval, shaping the Sugru so it comes around the other side of the marker a little bit. You want the opening in the holder to be slightly smaller than the marker, so it will pop into place after it hardens.

Step 4: Attach the Holder to the Sign

Keeping the marker in the Sugru, press the other half of the Sugru on to the top of the sign, splitting the Sugru down the middle so there is a tab sticking down on either side. Press each tab on to the sign so that there is good contact; you want this to adhere firmly. Once dry, the marker holder will be solidly attached to the top of the sign.

Be careful to keep the shape on the top part of the holder so that it still grips the marker snugly, and wraps around it enough.

Now, let dry for 24 hours. It is a good idea to put something under the marker while drying, to keep it from falling and bending the holder before it dries.

Step 5: Use Your Marker Holder!

Carefully remove the plastic wrapped marker from the holder, remove plastic wrap, and put the marker back in your new marker holder!

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