Introduction: Signwriting

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The making of Sign Ranger, to be cont'd. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Design

I started by remodeling some text to suit cutting out of 18mm MDF.

Step 2: Print

I printed the layout and glued it to the board with some watered down PVA.

Step 3:

Getting jiggy with it, if you have a jigsaw go buy a curve cutting blade, i saw one at the hardware the other day, tried it today... its so much easier than trying to cut curves with a standard blade.

before i jigsawed, I drilled plenty of holes at almost every point the line changed direction. The plan is to mount this on a panel and back-light it. part of the reason for making this instructable is to plug my website, which is now approx 48 hours alive, Proud to announce Sign Ranger is in business! (P.S the address has to entered in the search bar as it has not been indexed by a search engine yet.)

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