Introduction: Silhouette Cameo 4 Crooked Cutting Repair

About: Technical department of Hexis Nederland For Silhouette and Graphtec

When your cuts are not the way they should be probably there is a screw not tight enough inside the Cameo 4.

When you follow the next steps this issue should be over.

Good luck

Step 1: Take Your Cameo 4 on a Flat Clean Suface.

Step 2: Unscrewing

Turning the Cameo over and remove the 2 screws as shown on the picture.

Step 3: Remove Cross Cutter

Remove the cutter unit and turn the Cameo back facing you.

Step 4: Again 2 Screws

Remove the 2 screws as shown on this picture

Step 5: Open Cover

Gently slide cover to the left side away from the Cameo

Step 6: Screwing

When you look inside the machine from the backside you see a wheel which moves the under axel.

when you turn it you see 1 screw (See picture) Tighten this screw and reverse follow the steps and plug the machine back in.

Happy Crafting.