Introduction: Silhouette Pumpkin

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The pumpkin is one off the most recognizable and best Halloween decoration. I make a pumpkin almost every year and I always enjoy carving the pumpkins. I normally go for jack o lantern style pumpkin but this year I tried something different.

Step 1: A Little Off the Top

First I started by cutting a star like shape on the top of the pumpkin. I only did this very lightly so that I could go over it with another knife. Make sure you make the hole large enough to fit your hand in. But don't make the hole too large as it will look strange. When you cut deeper with a sharp knife make sure you cut at an angle. This means the top will not fall into the pumpkin. Make sure you are very careful when using the knives to cut the pumpkin.

Step 2: Scoop the Guts Out

Now you need to scoop out the seeds and the pulp of the pumpkin. I mainly used a spoon to scoop out the inside. But you can use your hand as well. Scoop the pulp and seeds into a bowl and then you can either throw them out or use them to cook with.

Step 3: Witchy Woman

I printed out the silhouette of a witch ,however any spooky Halloween character will work. You could use a werewolf a zombie or a vampire silhouette? Once you have cut out the image that you want stick to the pumpkin, use a small amount of glue from a glue stick to stick it to the pumpkin.

Step 4: Poke It

Use the a toothpick or something similar with a small sharp end to poke lots off little holes all around the shape. poke the holes quite firmly however you don't have to poke the holes all the way through. Once you have gone round the silhouette, take the image off and poke lots more holes around the shape.

Step 5: Torch

As there is no proper holes in the pumpkin this means that if you put a candle in pumpkin the candle will go out very quickly. To solve this problem I decided to use a torch to light up the pumpkin. This is a much safer method of lighting the pumpkin and means I can leave the pumpkin lit even when I go out.

To make the hole for the torch I hammered a biscuit cutter into the pumpkin. Then I used a knife to carve away the pumpkin hole so that the torch will fit in. The torch can easily be pushed entirely into the pumpkin so it can only be seen from the back.

Step 6: Finished

Its finished! Now you can show it off. Put it in your window or garden so all the little trick or treaters can see it. I hope you enjoyed reading. Have a spooky Halloween!!

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