Introduction: Silk Dyed Eggs

Would you like to create Silk dyed eggs to decorate your table this Easter?
It takes a little time but when you unwrap that first egg and see the amazing colors and patterns its worth it!

You will need:  Eggs, 100% Silk ties,  white pillow case,   tack, small and med drill bit,  string\twist-tie,  paper clip,  bulb syringe

step 1
Take a little trip to a thrift store and pick up some silk ties (100% silk) and a white pillow case.
cut them in to pieces big enough to wrap the eggs

step 2
If you’re going to save the inside of the eggs for cooking,  make sure to wash the outside of your egg and all of the tools you are using,
Place eggs in a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes.

step 3
Gently pierce a hole in both ends of the eggs with the tack.
Then use the smallest drill bit to  enlarge the holes, next use the medium drill bit on the bottom of the egg to ''drill'' the hole a little bigger. ( this makes the blowing process much easier!)

step 4
Now grab that paper clip and unfold it.  Stick the paper clip inside the egg and swirl it all around.  The object here is to scramble the yolk up which will help it all come out easily.

step 5 
Grab your bulb syringe and place it directly over the smaller hole on the top of the egg and squeeze over a bowl.  The egg will come right out of the other end.  If you meet any resistance,  give the egg a shake, stick the paper clip in again, or increase the size of your hole.
once everything is blown out,  fill your syringe with warm water and blow it into the egg.  Shake it up and then blow it out to get the inside clean.

step 6
wrap the eggs with the right side of the silk against the egg, like a candy wrapper with twist-ties on each end.
the smoother the silk is against the egg the better the pattern turns out.
After the eggs are wrapped in silk, wrap them again in the piece of white pillow case, gather all the extra fabric to the top and twisty-tie it.

step 7
place the wrapped eggs in a pot and cover with water, add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the water.
place a colander upside down over the eggs to keep them from floating to the top.
boil for 20 minutes.

step 8
with tongs carefully remove the eggs from the water and place in a bowl to cool.
Once the eggs are cool its time to unwrap the little packages ....[This is my Favorite part!!]
its amazing how the patterns and vibrent colors transfer to the eggs 

step 9 
If there is water in the eggs after boiling simply place the bulb syringe over one of the holes and gently blow it out.

And thats it, you should now have a basket full of beautiful eggs for Easter!

[If you want to  make an ornament simply, thread ribbon, string, or twine through the holes.  Using a extra long crafting needle.
make a knot at the bottom and a loop at the top.]