Introduction: COIN PILLAR RING

This instuctable was made by George Sakalidis from Larissa Greece.

George was inspired by Acropolis pillars and an old coin of Alexander the Great  he just happen to found near by and got to work (yeah right  :-)  ).  Artists.. what can you say about them?
He created a silver pillar shaped ring with the old coin on top. Very inspiring and offbeat and fine creation.

Easy DIY at home with simple tools. Cheap because he uses just a little piece of silver that cost less than 13$ and made a hidden compartment that looks like solid.
Take a look at the photos to see the head of Alexander the Great.


For the ring you could use :

- a copper or brass coin  &
- a 1.4mm silver sheet (a piece of 7.0mm x 3.8mm )

For your work you should use:

- paper sheet
- pen or pencil
- glue (what ever you got handy and easy to use)
- scissors
- scour pad (or use the hard side of sponge you are using to wash your dishes)
- debris of soap (what ever you have but not liquid)
- leather piece (old jacket or glove or belt)
- sandpaper
- hammer
- saw
- blow torch (if you don't have any you could buy a jet lighter from ebay)
- silver solder
- 2 curved rasps (one big and one small)
- 1 half cylinder shaped rasp
- steel block ( if you don't have any use a clamp)
- 2 cylinder, one big and one smaller (if you don't have any use any metal pipes you got)

Step 1: Draw the Template

On the paper draw a 3.8mm x 7mm rectangle.
On the center and through the long axis draw 2 semi cycles. The straight line of each semi cycle should tangent at the center of each long side of the rectangle. The radius of the semi cycles equals  the diameter of your finger plus a couple of millimeters divided by two.

The final drawing should look like an hourglass. OK, now  cut it with the scissors.

Step 2: Cut the Silver Sheet With the Help of the Template

Glue the paper template to silver sheet.

Use a saw to saw the silver sheet at the edges of the paper template.

You now have a piece of silver  to work with.

Step 3: Round the Long Axis

Put the piece of silver at it's long axis to the steel block. The steel block has an internal half cylinder guide. Again if you don't have a steel block use a clamp.
Put the big cylinder to the long axis of the piece of silver and hummer it with your hummer so to round it.

Step 4: Round the Short Axis

Do the same with the short axis and the small cylinder.

To be more precise,
put the piece of silver now  at it's short axis to the steel block and with it's curved side down. The steel block has an internal half cylinder guide.
Put the small cylinder inside the curved side and vertically and hummer it so the two ends for the ring are faced together.

You should have a ring by now.

Step 5: Solder Together the Two Ends of the Ring.

Use the blowtorch (or jet lighter) and some silver soldering to join the two ends of the ring.

Let it cool and the rasp the ring.

Step 6: Shape the Ring Like a Pillar

Use the half cylinder shaped rasp and shape the ring like a pillar. The fluted edges are made by removing material in combination with the pressure applied by the rasp.

Step 7: Solder the Coin on Top of the Ring

Use silver soldering and the torch to solder the two parts. Let gravity do the work and face the ring on top of the coin before using the torch.

Step 8: Cut the Edges of the Coin

Saw the coin at the edges of the ring.

Then use the sandpaper to trim the rough edges.

Step 9: Polish the Ring. Final Step

Put some soap on the piece of leather and use it to polish the top coin part of the ring.

Use the scour pad to polish the silver part.

This is it. Ready to wear it!

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