Introduction: Simple Adapter From Bulb Light E27 to Socket


Have you ever had a situation when you need a socket, and nearby, from sources of electricity, there is only a light bulb. And here I was in this situation. So I decided to make an adapter from the bulb holder E27 to the socket.

Step 1:

Took a led light bulb and old light socket. First of all, I disassemble the light bulb.

Step 2:

I disassemble the socket and disconnect the metal frame of the socket.

Step 3:

I try to insert the socket into the body of the bulb.

Step 4:

The socket didn't fit. I take scissors on metal and cut off all superfluous. Then I take the light bulb, put it to the cover of the socket and circle the contour of the bulb. Used an awl.

Step 5:

I cut off everything superfluous with Scissors.

Step 6:

I drill the base of the bulb. Solder the wire to a larger cross-section.

Step 7:

With the help of thermal glue, I fix the socket in the body of the bulb.

Step 8:

I fasten the cover from the socket. I sand the contour of the edge with sandpaper

Step 9:

–°hecking how it works

Step 10:

While I was making this outlet, I came up with another version of this adapter. It is more convenient to use and, most importantly, you will have a light source.

Again disassemble the bulb.

Step 11:

I check how the contacts are located.

Step 12:

To get to the bottom contact, I drilled the base of the bulb.

Step 13:

I make a hole in the ceiling of the bulb and stretch the wire.

Step 14:

I insert and solder the wires to the contacts of the bulb

Step 15:

I removed the excess solder on the bottom contact of the bulb.

Step 16:

With scissors on the metal, I make a small notch.

Step 17:

Checking how it works

Step 18:

Both options have the right to life, but I liked the second option more. It is more functional, you still have the light source, you can on/off the instrument with the network filter button.

I agree that in everyday life such homemade products are not useful, but in an emergency very useful.

Thanks for your attention.

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