Introduction: Simple Cardboard Art

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This is a quick instructable on how to make cool cardboard art.

It is pretty straightforward and simple yet somehow it also looks quite stunning.

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Step 1: What You Need:

For this project, you will only need the following 'stuff':

  • Cardboard that has more than one layer (the kind with the bumps in the middle)
  • Hobby knife
  • A pair of scissors (not so necessary)
  • Spray paint (optional actually)
  • A printed design

Step 2: Cardboard Body:

Find a silhouette design that you like on the internet or draw one yourself. Then find a suitable cardboard piece and cut to fit your design if necessary. You can then also paint your cardboard piece or just keep it as it is.

Painting the cardboard makes the final picture stand out more but keeping it unpainted gives it that cool raw cardboard look.

Step 3: Transferring Your Design Unto the Cardboard:

Cut your design so that it forms a stencil which you can then use to trace your design onto your cardboard.

Be sure to tape the paper onto the cardboard so that it doesn't move while you're tracing the design.

Step 4: Now Cut!

The laborious part:

Using a hobby knife, cut out your design from the cardboard, but be sure not to cut through the whole cardboard but only through the very first layer (the thin layer over the bumpy layer). This results in the bumpy layer being exposed and gives it it's stylish look.

Step 5: Done!

There you go! Easy and awesome. Now you can simply put your cardboard 'masterpiece' somewhere where all your friends can see it.

Be sure to give this a try, it is really a nice little project to make.

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