Introduction: Simple Chalkboard Signage

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At our wedding we wanted to keep things simple and instead of stocking a full bar, we decided to have a bride and groom signature drink (along with wine and beer). But we all know the bar is the thing that gets most crowded at weddings and with a signature drink we all know my mom is going to ask what is in it, and the more people drink them the more times they ask for the recipe.

So how to display that easily (especially when your venue has no hooks and no signage of their own)?

We made a super simple artistic looking chalkboard. That's how!

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Step 1: Supplies

1 x decorative wood board (bought for less than $20 from Michael's Art Supplies)

1 x Chalkboard spray paint (bought at Home Depot)

1 x silver permanent marker (had laying around)

1 x damage-free picture hanging stickies (from Home Depot)

1 x piece of chalk

Step 2: Spray, Tweak, Artify, & Hang

Lay down the wood design and spray it with the chalkboard spray paint. I did a few coats to ensure there was an even and solid chalkboard layer.

I sprayed both sides just in case we wanted additional use out of it in the future as a hanging display that both sides could be seen.

For added flare, we took a silver permanent marker and traced the inside edges of all the design intricacies to make them "pop" a little more.

Then someone with artistic skill wrote up our drink specialties and when we got to the venue we used the hassle-free hanging double-sided tape to hang the sign on the wall next to the bar. At the end of the night, you just pull down on the tabs in the back gently and everything comes off the sign/wall without any marks!

Finally, take an artistic shot of the sign with the wedding dress at the end of the night.

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