Introduction: Simple DIY Trick of Treat Bag

This is a simple and easy project that can be made with kids. It is perfect for a one use trick or treat adventure and even looks the part. Mix and match the colours to match your trick or treat outfit or decorate for a spooky appearance.

Step 1: Materials

- An old t-shirt

- Fabric scissors

- A4 Paper

- Pins

- Sewing machines

- Needle and thread

Step 2:

Place the A4 sheet of paper at the bottom of the shirt, as shown in the picture above.

Cut in a straight line along the top of the paper.

Do this with the second shirt so that you have two rectangle pieces of fabric

Step 3:

Place the two pieces right sides together (the side that you want to be shown should be on the inside)

Pin them in place

Step 4:

Pin the paper to the middle of the fabric

Using the fabric scissors, cut the fabric on either sides of the paper into strips, making sure to cut the same amount of either side.

Repeat this with the second piece of fabric

Step 5:

Using a sewing machine, sew along the bottom of the fabric

Step 6:

Take two strips, one blue and one red, and tie them together in a knot as shown

Do this for all of the strips along the sides of thg bag

Step 7:

For a handle, I cut two strips of the leftover pieces of the t-shirt and tied them together, as shown.

Then using a needle and thread sew them to the body of the bag

You can use any material you would like for the strap

Step 8: Finished Product

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