Introduction: Simple DIY Video Dolly on a Budget

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This is a wonderful piece of equipment perfectly for thus who do not want to spend a lot of money on equipment not used to often (depending of your video materials)... A Video Dolly on a budget so to say! The Video dolly you end up with may vary slightly in design depending on what you have laying around your house.

Items required:

  • 2x skateboard / long board trucks
  • 3x Brackets (made to be used for wood)
  • Bults, Washers and Nuts (the amount depends on your design)
  • cheep tripod (only the camera attachment will be used)
  • Tools

Step 1: Video Tutorial

This is a video tutorial for this project!
It also shows example shots while using this kind of video equipment! :)

Step 2: Building the Base

I start of by connecting two brackets using the two smaller wholes on the tips. A simple nut and bults worked just great! Make sure that the bult is not longer then what the skateboard trucks will lift the base.

Connect the truck using a bult and washer to prevent the bulthead to slip true the truck. On the side attaching towards the dolly base, add enough washers so the washer is slightly higher then the highest edge on the truck. To prevent the truck to take damage and allow easy adjustments of the wheels later on.

Step 3:

Add another bracket to the wheel base so the tripod head can be attached to the base structure.

I used a long bult to get some hight for the camera and prevent the wheels to be seen during film shooting. Some Larger nuts that sliped on without treading where used as spacers before the: washer, tripod, washer, nut arrangement where placed.

Step 4: Result Shoots!

Watch this video to see some result shoots in the beginning of the video tutorial! :)

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Thanks for your time and happy crafting!

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