Introduction: Simple Designer Snowflake

This Snowflake instructable is designed to be easy to pick up and do for all ages. Making a snowflake with these instructions takes around 5 minutes and allows the user creative freedom with their snowflake design. There are a few materials required to complete the snowflake:

  • Pair of scissors
  • Piece of printer paper
  • Writing utensil (we recommend a pencil)

Once you have collected these materials you are ready to begin making a great paper snowflake!

Step 1: Fold to Create a Right Triangle

Step 1: Lay the paper in portrait orientation. Bring the top right corner of the paper to the left edge until the top edge lines up with the left edge. The fold will form a right triangle. There will be a rectangle portion left over below the triangle.

You should end up with a result similar to the displayed image above.

Note: It is more important to get the fold creased cleanly than it is to match up the edges of the paper perfectly.

Step 2: Cut Off the Excess Rectangle

Step 2: Cut off the excess rectangle below the right triangle.

Note: Be sure to cut along the bottom edge of the right triangle.

Step 3: Fold the Triangle in Half Twice

Step 3: Lay the right triangle with the longest edge facing you. Bring the right corner to the left corner and fold. Repeat once more.

Note: The original right triangle shape will remain the same, only smaller after the two folds.

Step 4: Draw a Design for Your Snowflake

Step 4: This is where you get to be a bit creative and draw a design you like. For this example, we've provided a fairly simple design, but you can draw images, words, or different shapes to dramatically change the snowflake you produce.

Note: There are two rules your design has to follow if you want your snowflake to stay together when you unfold it.

1. Make sure you do not completely cut any of the 3 edges, leaving at least enough paper on each edge

2. The design has to be touching these edges and itself at all points.

Step 5: Cut Out the Design

Step 5: Cut out the design carefully

Step 6: Unfold the Snowflake

Step 6: Unfold the Snowflake and behold! Make multiple and use them as decoration for around the house!

Note: When Unfolding, do so carefully and gently, the more you cut off in your design the easier the snowflake is to break when unfolding.