Simple Dog Treat Launcher



Introduction: Simple Dog Treat Launcher

Just because we are stuck inside with our furry friend doesn't mean we can't have a little fun. This is a simple, low power launcher that you can make out of cardboard to entertain both you and your doggo. You can launch treats or lightweight squeak toys.


-Some slabs of cardboard

- Pencil

- Ruler

- Scissors

- Duct tape

- Rubber band

- A Shoebox sized..... box

- A doggo

Step 1: Cut Out a Rectangle

Cut a 5-inch by 22-inch slab of cardboard. Be careful with scissors!

Step 2: Fold the Rectangle in Half Longways

It is better (and way easier) if you have the folds going along the direction that the miniature lines are going.

Step 3: Cut a Hole in One Side of the Folded Rectangle

Step 4: Tape About One Fourth of the Way on Each Side of the Folded Rectangle

We just finished making the arm!

Step 5: Draw Two Circles at Both Corners on the Top Side of the Shoe Box Sized Box

You can trace on the circles using the hole made for the arm. Cut them out with the scissors. This is easier if you have a shoebox because you can easily remove the top.

Step 6: Cut Two Holes on the Bottom Side of the Box

These holes should be in the same position as the holes on the top of the box. You could alternatively just cut X's and push out of them with your finger to make the holes.

Step 7: Make Cardboard Tubes

Wrap about an 8-inch of cardboard around your pencil once. Unroll it, and there should be marks left from folding it around the pencil. Cut along the last of these marks. Roll the piece of cardboard again and tape both ends with the duct tape. Repeat this step to make the second tube.

Step 8: Insert the Tubes Into the Holes Made in the Box

Leave enough tubing to be sticking out of both sides of the box.

Step 9: Attach the Arm

Put the side of the arm that has the hole on one of the tubes. On the other tube, wrap the arm and the tube together with the rubber band.

Step 10: Make a Cardboard Bar Over the Arm

Make a mark on the side were the arm hits the other bar. Extend the arm and make a mark where its the farthest from the hit bar. Make a slit of about 1.5-inches along both marks. You can use the ruler to widen these slits. Cut out a 1.5-inch by 10-inch rectangle of cardboard.

Step 11: Insert Both Ends of the Bar Into the Slits Made on the Box, Covering the Arm

If the bar is too big and is hitting the tube when inserted, cut into the bar to make room for the tube.

Step 12: Test

Try it out with some treats. Check out the Youtube video to see my dog try to catch them.

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    Elaina M
    Elaina M

    2 years ago

    Fun project - hope the dog like it !