Introduction: Simple Duct Tape Wallet With Coin Pocket

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Make one in less than 10 minutes!

Very easy, very cool.

This is my third wallet in my "Duct Tape Wallet" series.

So keep checking back later.

Step 1: Step 1: Preperation

Before you start you'll need a few things.

#1. Any Color Duct Tape

#2. Four Regular Size Index Cards

#3. Scissors (optional)

And now you're ready!

Step 2: Step 2: the Structure

First you need to get a index card and wrap duct tape around it until it's completely covered up.

Then get another index card and do the same thing to it.

This is a very easy and short step.

Next step!

Step 3: Step 3: Adding Them Together

Now you need to add them together.

First you put them one centimeter apart.

Then you tape it together on one side.

then you flip it over and tape it up just like the other side.

Check if it can open and close easily.

It probably won't.

Keep working with it until it opens and closes freely.

And then go on to the next step.

Step 4: Step 4: the Bill Pocket

Now you need to cover up another index card all the way.

Then you sit it on top of the left side.

Next you tape it up on the far left side and bottom.

Look at the pictures or this won't make sense.

Now you have a bill pocket.

Step 5: Step 5: the Coin Pocket

The coin pocket is one of the hardest part of the wallet so be careful and look at the pictures.

First you get the last index card and tape up only one side.

Then you sit the index card on the right side.

Next you tape up all he sides but the top.

And now...

Step 6: Step 6: You're Done!

You're done!

Now you have a cool wallet.

Now you can say you made your wallet.

Keep checking back on my stuff, BYE!