Introduction: Simple Earbuds Organizer

About: Mechanical Design Engineer

I'm really sure that you're gonna be upset when you pick your earbuds up from your pocket. They are always be tangled every time when you don't keep eye of them. I'm going to show you an alternative solution for keeping your earbuds in a better condition using unused SIM Card.

Nowadays, most of brand new phones are using nano sized sim cards. It means that you have to throw away the SIM Brackets. Today you don't have any reason to increasing the population of plastic waste.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


  • Paper Hole Punch
  • Scissors


  • Unused SIM Card

Step 2: Make Earbuds Holes

These two holes are used for earbuds place.

  • For easy cutting, first, you have to put off the hole punch cover as in the picture.
  • Punch the SIM Card to make two holes as shown in the picture.
  • Use scissors so the two holes are now connected.

Step 3: Make Cord Holes

  • Make 4 holes as shown in the picture

Step 4: Roll the Cord

  • Untangled the earbuds cord
  • Put the audio jack into SIM hole
  • Place the earbuds into earbuds holes
  • Wind the cord
  • Put audio jack into cord holes

Now you have been participating to reduce plastic waste that will go to the ocean.

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