Introduction: Simple, Easy, Basic Dog/Cat Bed/Cushion

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We got a dog a while ago, she sheds all year round, so i had to make her a bed for the front room.
I was in the pet sop shocked at the price of beds big enough for my dog, they are so expensive! so i decided to make my own. Its so easy to make! and also VERY cheap! all you need is:
Some offcuts of some reasonably thick fabric (It needs to be thick so your pets claws dont go through it)
Sewing machince / needle
Quilt/duvet/ pillow (quilt for dog, Pillow for cat)

Step 1: Choose Your Size

Different pets need different sized beds. Find out how big your pet is, and give it a little extra space for movement. (For medium sized dogs, fold the quilt/duvet in half) For a cat, use a pillow. Cut the duvet to the right size and sew up the edges.
One photo would be too large for a cat. One is the right size :)

Step 2: Cutting the Fabric

Now that you have your basic shape, you now need to make a cover (or 2!). You will need enough fabric to cover the duvet in the size you have cut. For a medium dog, you will need about 4 meters.

Once you have the fabric, spread it on the floor and place your cut duvet on the fabric, and fold one end about 1/3 of the way down, and mark on the side that is going to be on the inside, and fold the other side, so it is covers the duvet, cut the line about 3" above where the duvet ends. Obviously then hem the edges, * note the fabric should completely cover the duvet*

Step 3: Sewing the Cover

sew as close to the edge of the fabric as possible, and with the fold on the outside. Also, sew a button to the fold and a hole on the fabric that should cover the fold.

Step 4: Lastly...

Turn the cover insideout after setwing, and let your pet enjoy their new bed !
this is my first instructable so id love to know what you all think!