Introduction: Simple Electrical Remote Switch

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In this Instructable I show you the easiest way to make a remote switch control that will make it easier to turn stuff on and off when needed.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Gather all supplies listed below.


· Power Cord 14 Gauge

· Male Power Cord Adapter

· Metal Outlet Box

· 1/2” Knockout Cable Clamp

· Outlet/Switch Combo

· Outlet Cover


· Screw Driver

· Wire Cutters/ Strippers

· Needle Nose Pliers

Step 2: Knockout Hole

Make a hole in the top of the metal box by pushing the screwdriver into the knockout. Then grab the edge of the knockout and twist with needle nose pliers to break the knockout completely off.

Step 3: Wire Clamp

Attach the 1/2” knockout wire clamp to the electrical box.

Step 4: Strip Wires

Next, strip down the wires on the power cord down from the end that will be attached to the outlet.

Step 5: Power Cord Through Knockout

Feed the power cord through the knockout.

Step 6: Jumper

Cut a piece of wire off of the end of the power cord Approximately 3”, and it will be used as a jumper on the outlet/switch. Next attach the jumper to the right side of the switch to the right side of the outlet.

Step 7: Wire Outlet/Switch

From the power cord attach the Neutral “White” wire to the neutral terminal next to the outlet. Then attach the Power “Black” wire to the power terminal on the switch “Same Side as the Neutral. Next take the jumper wire and attach it to the other side of the switch to the other side of the outlet.

Step 8: Attach Outlet to Box

Next screw the outlet/switch to the box and attach the outlet cover.

Step 9: Tighten Knockout Clamp

Tighten the knockout clamp around the power cord.

Step 10: Attach Male End Plug

Strip the wires on one end of the power cord and attach it to the male end of the plug.