Introduction: Simple Final Fantasy Buster Sword

Looked around at all the daunting,complex wooden/metal Buster swords that you can`t possibly make?Well look no further!All you need is cardboard and some basic tools.

Step 1: Tools/Materials

You need:

1.A very big slab of cardboard and an a light weight shovel handle.

2.Duct Tape(<3)


4..Box cutter(<3)


Step 2: Cut It Out....

With your box cutter,cut a 5 by 2 feet rectangle of cardboard(use a pencil to trace it out).

Step 3: .....or Slice It Out.

Cut at a 45 degree angle on both sides for the blade tip(see picture for reference). Then crease in half evenly.It should now look like the blade you all know and love! But for now, unfold and place on a flat surface.

Step 4: Time for Tape

Next, place 3/4 of the the handle in the center on one of the two half's(that remaning 1/4 is the grip/hilt) then tape it securely with duct tape. I used 5 strips but depending on how long yours is you might need more.

Step 5: Time for the Magic(Matria Fusion?)

Fold the untaped side over the now taped handle, then start taping the edges together.Place tape on all sides(except for the top and the gap that is protruding the handle). Now for some paint.

Step 6: Shake It

Take red and more importantly black spray paint with your newly born Buster Sword outside on a non-windy, rainy or humid day and something to wrap around the handle to protect from paint(paper works).

IMORTANT: Place Buster on a elevated surface(like center blocks or tree stumps) away from your house,cars, people and pets and DO NOT paint over a concrete surface like a drive way or garage, painting over grass works.

Now, shake those cans and get spraying.Start on one side and let dry(read side of your paint can for instructions and drying time).

Step 7: While You Wait

Have a snack!

Step 8: 975/1000 EXP

Once paint is dry, flip sword over and paint other side, let dry(have another snack!). Once that side is dry, take a piece of paper and in the middle make a hole as 2 inches wide then slide it through the handle(make larger if necessary). Then spray red paint on handle, let dry.

Step 9: Level Up!

Once you are done with painting, take Sword inside, grab some duct tape and cut strips(with scissors) and place on the edges to represent the blade edge.This is merely cosmetic but in chase tape was accidentally applied poorly(during step 5), this is a chance to fix it.And try to make it as even and pretty as possible.

Step 10: Limit Break

And you`re finished! I didn`t cut holes in it because that would interfere with the handle. Have fun with it and remember; if you want to be a hero, you need to have dreams... and honor.

What are you waiting for? go kill Sephiroth!