Introduction: Simple Flying Toilet Paper Ghost Decoration

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These flying toilet paper ghost decorations are a quick and easy way to add a little Halloween fun to your day! This project is great for all ages and uses 3 supplies that can be found in any household.

You can loop them around your neck for a fun pop of Halloween spirit or string them like garland as a spooky home decor.


  • Toilet Paper
  • String ( or thread, rope, ribbon, yarn, shoelaces...)
  • Scissors


  • Marker

Step 1: Making the Ghost

  • Tear two squares of toilet paper from the roll.
  • Scrunch one square into a ball and place it in the center of the other square.
  • Fold the un-scrunched square over the scrunched ball so that you form a ghost shape.

Step 2: String of Ghosts - Option 1

  • Cut a 3inch piece of string and tie it around the neck of the ghost to secure it in place.
  • Then, using the same 3"piece of string, tie your ghost to a longer piece of string.
  • Continuing adding as many ghosts as you want to create a running string of ghosts.

Step 3: String of Ghosts - Option 2

Alternatively, you can secure your ghosts to your main string by attaching a slipknot around the neck of each ghost.

Step 4: Extra Flare

For some added fun, draw faces on your ghost and fluff their bases.

Step 5: All Done !

Tie your running string of ghosts in a loop to make a Halloween necklace or string it up for some Halloween themed garland !