Introduction: Simple Homemade Stickers

HI! Are you looking for a fun DIY to do while you're in isolation? This is just what you need. This is a simple, low-cost DIY. If you love to draw, then here's your chance to show the world. It's the perfect DIY for kids, and even for adults who just want to be creative. Here are the steps you can take to create easy, amazing stickers.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials include:


-Pencil (and other art supplies, depending on what you want to do.)


-Wax Paper

-Clear tape(Preferably 2-inches wide)

Step 2: Draw!

Make your own creative design/drawing, you can even print out something! There are no limitations, be creative and make what you want. Just keep in mind it is a sticker, so I would recommend keeping it small.

Step 3: Cut It Out!

Cut your drawing out to any shape you would like.

Step 4: Lay Down Wax Paper

Lay down your wax paper on a smooth surface. Then place your drawing in the middle or near a corner, just make sure you have space around your drawing. If you are making more than one sticker, make sure to space out your drawings on your wax paper. (the size of your wax paper depends on how many stickers you are making, the more drawings, the more wax paper you will need.)

Step 5: Tape It

Lay down the tape on top of your drawing. Make sure that you lay down the tape over, and around your sticker, to make sure that when you cut out your sticker, it will have enough tape around it to be able to stick. I would suggest putting 2 pieces of tape and overlapping the drawing a little bit. (Depending on the width of your tape, and the size of the sticker, you may have to use more or less tape.) Finally, make sure to smooth out the tape while applying to keep away tape bumps and wrinkles.

Step 6: Cut It Out (again)

Cut your sticker out! Make sure to keep a thick rim of tape, and wax paper around your drawing. If you are making multiple stickers I suggest you loosely cut out your stickers, and then you can perfect your cut. (This is easier, and takes less time.)

Step 7: Peel the Wax Paper Off.

If you have nice nails, just peel the wax paper off like you would a normal sticker.

If you're like me and have no nails then you can get something sharp like a needle, or even scissors. Then you poke the wax paper behind your drawing, make a scratch that is big enough that you can put your finger in, and then peel the wax paper off. (Don't push too hard with your sharp object, or else you will cut your drawing.)

Step 8: Apply!!!

Finally, you are done! Once you have taken off your wax paper you can place your sticker wherever you want!!

Great Job!!!