Introduction: Simple Jean Headband

over the years i've attempted to make my own jean skirt many times, which has resulted in very few successful skirts but lots of left over jean fabric.

so i've been making lots of simple jean things.

this simple jean headband being one of them.
(more to come, hopefully...)

Step 1: Materials

1. jean material (preferably a pair of old jeans with legs still in tact)
2. needle (durable enough to sew through jean) and thread
3. scissors


4. pins
5. ribbon

Step 2: Jean Prep

1. cut off a jean leg.
2. cut off the thick seam at the end.
3. cut along the side of the jean leg to create a long rectangular panel.

Step 3: More Cutting

4. cut nine rectangular strips of fabric, approximately 2 feet long (depending on the size of your head) and 1/8 inch wide (cut vertically along pant leg fabric).
5. separate the nine strips into groups of three and knot them together at one end.

Step 4: Braiding

6. now braid the three pieces together, tightly. it doesn't matter if it's not neat.
7. when you reach the end, stop.
8. sew across the three pieces at the end, try to sew over the three pieces at least three times to make sure they're secure.
9.  undo the knot from the end that you started from
10. sew across the three pieces as you did for step 8.
11. repeat for the other two groups of three.

Step 5: Assembling

12. you may want to give the three ropes a bit of a pull to stretch them out if the braids are a little thick.
13. line up the three ropes and pin them together if you wish.
14. sew the three ropes together at both ends, you may want to run the thread through a couple of times to make sure the three ropes are together tightly.

Step 6: Assembling 2

(this step is to make it easier to wear)

15. trim off any excess fabric that wasn't sewn.
16. cut two pieces of jean fabric (or ribbon) that is six inches long and a half inch wide.
17.  sew one strip onto each end of the headband (sewing straight along the edge of the strip of fabric making sure it attaches to the three ropes at the end).

Step 7: Happy Happy Joy Joy

18. try it on!

**for the thicker one braid headband use three half inch strips of jeans

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