Introduction: Simple Knitted Dishcloth

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Many years ago I knitted my first dishcloth. I really liked how they felt and how they cleaned and how they looked. I, to this day, can make this dishcloth because it is really simple but not as boring as casting on X amount of stitches and knitting as many rows as needed to make a square and keeping the edges even.

Step 1:

This pattern starts by casting on 3 stitches and increasing one stitch per row until you reach a set number of stitches for the first half and the second half is created by decreasing one stitch each row until you reach 3 stitches and then cast of the last three. I found a new yarn designed for making scrubbies the other day. I will be using this new Red Heart Scrubby yarn for this Instructable, but I will also have pictures of this dishcloth made with 100% cotton yarn, which is what I usually use. So let’s get started.

Step 2:


1 skein Red Heart Scrubby Yarn or 1 skein 100% cotton yarn

Size 8 US knitting needles (5.0mm needles)


Yarn needle


k = knit
st = stitches

k = knit kfb = knit front and back (to increase)

k2t = knit 2 together (to decrease)

R = row

Cast on

Cast off

Step 3:

Before we start lets make sure you know how to knit front and back. On the stitch you want to increase, stick the right hand needle into the front of the stitch and grab the yarn (just like normal) and bring it to the front. DO NOT remove the stitch from the left hand needle. Stick the tip of the right hand needle to the back of the same stitch, again put the yarn over the needle tip and pull it through the back. Now you have 2 stitches on the right hand needle. Pull them off the left hand needle, kfb is now complete. The more you practice the easier it becomes.

Step 4:

Cast on 3 stitches

Step 5:

R1 – k1, k(1)fb,k1,turn (4 st)

R2 – k2, k(1)fb, K to the end, turn (5 st)

R3 to R47 – repeat R2 until you have 50 st on your needle, turn

(first picture is with 25 stitches on the needle and the second is with 50 stitches on the needle)

Step 6:

R48 – k2, k2t, k to the end, turn (49 st)

R49 to R 94 – repeat R48 until you only have 3 stitches left on your needle.

(This picture is with 25 stitches on the needle.)

Step 7:

Cast off the last 3 stitches. With a yarn needle, weave the tail of the yarn into the fabric to hide it. Done.

Step 8:

These last two pictures are of the dishcloth and how it looks when made with 100% cotton yarn and how the Scrubby yarn looks when made into a circular dishcloth. The Instructable for making the round dish cloth is found here:, if you are interested.

Now to try it out and see if it works as well as a good scrubby does. Enjoy

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