Introduction: Simple Leather Briefcase

Anyone can easily create this Simple Leather Briefcase.

Step 1: Materials & Cut Out the Pattern & Punching


1) Leather (scrap of vegetable tanned leather, Thickness 2mm)

2) Rivets - 4~5mm , 12ea

3) Punch - 2mm, 3mm

4) Thread & Needle

Step 2: Smoothing Edges & Applying Finishes

1. Use Edge Beveler on the edges

2. Applying finishes on the total area ( You can use just Water ^^)

3. Please fold the form of a bag

Step 3: Put a Rivet

1. After puching and put the rivet

Now this bag is almost finished.

Step 4: For Handle !!

The Handle is very important.

1. Cut out the Handle-pattern & Attached to the leather Bond.

2. Griffe Size 4mm for Sewing.

3. The stitching is strong.

4. Use Edge Beveler on the Handle - edges

Step 5: Handle Connection

1. punching & use rivet for Handle connection

Step 6: Completion !!!

About 2 Hours, This bag is completed.

The magazine, about 5 books in the Bag!

Thank you.

See you next the leather craft.

Step 7: Pattern (bag & Handle)

So many requests for this pattern.

Pattern can be printed and used.

Please use the size changing, You can create a big bag & small bag.

It also includes a handle ^^

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