Introduction: Simple Marquee Lights

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I am soon holding a Conecrt in a marquee and as It will be quite a big venue I thought I needed some Light! 1.5kw (1500w) Of light infact!

I Had lots of fun making this! Its amazing seeing it light up your garden! It lit nearly the whole of my garden (200ft) from a height of 4 meters!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


3 x 500w flood light w/ bulb
5x M6 bulb and nut
1.5 meter long metal pipe
13amp mains cable
Extension lead
insulation tape



Step 2: Light Truss

To make the truss for the lighting you will need a metal pipe roughly 1.5 meters long.

1. Drill 2 holes at each end roughly 2 cm from each end. This will be to attach it to the marquee.

2. Drill 3 holes, 1 in the middle and two spaced 30 cm apart of either side from the middle

3. Sand of the excess.

Drill all holes with a 6mm drill bit!

Step 3: Lights

Once you have got the lights, Put the bulb in and then attach the light with m6 bolts into the holes you pre drilled earlier (the middle ones).

Your lights should look like picture 1

Next you will need to open up the electronics enclosure on the back of the light.

You will need to wire it correctly (some models may differ). On my model (homebase) you I attached the earth to the middle wire connector and the live and the neutral to the other connectors. Wire it with 13amp mains cable.

Step 4: Mains Connection and Mounting

Mains connection:

Wire each light, with a plug and a 5a fuse.
Then connnect them to an extension lead and your done!
Make sure all the wire are secure and away from any parts that may get hot Like shown in the pictures.


On the two remaining holes on each side of the truss attach the remaining nuts and bolts.
Like shown in picture 6. To attach it to a bar of a marquee I ordered lighting clamps. Or you can mount it like shown in picture 7.
and your finished!

Thanks for reading my Instructable!

Step 5: Testing

Heres some photos and videos of the result!

GMT: 6:45pm, Tuesday 25th October